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League Info

League Information


Click here to see the different team and singles formats Bay Area TAP has to offer!

Host Locations

TAP is offered at most Billiard and many sports bar establishments across Tampa Bay!

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About us

A little about our league....

Think back to the very first time that you played pool.You were just trying to hit a ball right? Soon afterwards you started to try to make a ball in the pocket you meant for it to go in to. Pool is much like any other sport that you might try to play.When you first started, you weren’t very good, but if you studied the game and asked questions so you could become a good player! Most of us learned how to shoot pool this way!


Now remember how good it made you feel when you figured out “If I hit the ball at this angle I can make it in the corner pocket”. When you played as a young child, you saw people call their pocket and you aspired to play as well as they did.You tried your best to learn and impress your friends with your newly acquired skills.


Now you’re grown, and you want to play pool in a league to test yourself against other players, so ask yourself, “Why do I play in a league that doesn’t call the pocket?” Pool like other sports, is a game of skill.That is why we learn to shoot “English” and learn to aim at the ball we are shooting. If you are playing pool in a League that doesn’t offer a “call pocket” game, then you might as well be flipping Quarters in a back room somewhere. There’s no skill needed for that one either!


If you have read this, and have decided that “flipping quarters” isn’t for you then we have something more to offer you! TAP Pool Leagues is a league that emphasizes playing the game the way it was intended to be played while allowing for the skill difference between new players and more experienced players.Good players have to win a higher number of games to win a match, while weaker players can win with less games won.Regardless, both players are challenged to shoot as well as they can to win.



Contact Numbers:

Mike Mofield:         813-728-7481     

Shannon Mofield:  813-728-7479



Mon - Fri: 9am - 9pm

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